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Watch your dog gain confidence & learn to respect your commands with weekly training and you will begin to see your 4-pawed friend will have improved their behaviour within 1 month.

Before training commences we require a 1.5 hour consultation with you and your dog so we can begin to understand and evaluate the type of training your dog requires.

1.5 Hour Consultation


This will require a meeting at your home with you and your dog where we will walk through any of the difficulties you face in and out of your home. We will discuss a plan of action on how we will train your dog and what is required from you to help with this transition. 

From there we will arrange the next few classes where the dog trainer will have 1-on-1 sessions to begin the process of training your dog.

1-on-1 Dog Training (With The Owner)

1.5 Hour



Specific training to your dogs requirements 

Training you the owner to understand how to control your dog & how to give the correct commands

1-on-1 Dog Training (Without Owner)

45 Minutes


Specific training to your dogs requirements

You will receive an end of the class update on how the training is going and advice to carry through the training at home

Package Deals

Dog Training (Without Owner)



1.5 Hour Consultation

3 x 45 Minute Individual Training Sessions With Your Dog & Trainer

Dog Training (With Owner)



1.5 Hour Consultation

3 x 45 Minute Individual Training Sessions With Yourself, Your Dog & Trainer

Walking Training (Without Owner) 

$60per Walk

No Pulling 

No Lunging 




We focus on each dogs behaviours from their habits to their personality traits along with seeing their surroundings to understand why they act the way they do. 

From basic obedient training for your 4-pawed family member to difficult habits that make you feel that your are not in control, Happy Funny Paws has trained them all.


We recommend this service to any new puppy owner, this is the best time to get your dog to understand who is in control and helps to prevent any future bad habit.


Not all dogs act like this and most of the time it is caused by certain situations that triggers this behaviour.


Majority of dogs pull but this doesn't have to be the case for your dog. With the correct and constant training your dog won't pull you again.

No matter the challenge, Happy Funny Paws will help you to achieve your goals and to help bring significant positive change.

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