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About Us.

Happy Funny Paws Training Dogs Since 2010.

Happy Funny Paws brings professional dog training services to Sydney which is owned by Patrizia Gugliotta, Patrizia is a certified dog trainer, fully insured & more importantly a dog lover. 

Every dog has its own personality with its own problems like any human being. At Happy Funny Paws we begin to understand what and why your dog plays up and work on improving their obedience. 

Partrizia continues studying to stay up to date with the newest and most professional ways to train your dogs from anxious puppies to dogs that pull on the leash, she knows it all some have called her "The Dog Whisperer." 

Our aim is for dog owners to create the perfect relationship with their 4-legged companions, by building trust and respect with communication.

We also offer group dog walking for the busy owners who are unable to walk their dogs , it is a great opportunity for your feline friend with exercise & socialisation. So whether you're busy at work or planning holidays give Happy Funny Paws a call to arrange dog walking to keep your dog in shape!

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